Get The Most Out Of Your Florida Homeowners Insurance

journals and has been named the distinguished reviewer by the journal of insurance issues Davide are pleased to have you here today thank you John I appreciate you not telling me and today we’ll continue with the second assignment in your webinar will discuss the various property casualty insurances and issues and then what. Dresden comes back for the life and health coverage assignment I’ll return to discuss the final song that much the regulation and legislation question but today.

we’re going to discuss homeowners insurance manatee county Florida some property and casualty concept in particular we can cover to specific personal lines insurance policies that is the homeowners and personal auto policy to sort of unique property casualty markets the surplus lines and the insurance market and then lastly will conclude with the commercial liability insurance coverage of specifically workers compensation but before we get started let’s get an idea to the familiarity of our participants with some of us particularly the auto and homeowners policies how many of our participants have actually read your homeowners and auto policies and this will be.

our first poll of go ahead and answer Halloween right well looks like at least some of you have some familiarity in terms of having read the policy so to the extent that the sum of this is excuse means in fact after the famous some of this is a review please bear with us for the rest of you hopefully that will be a nice overview in terms of out what the policy covers and before we get fully into the material i would like to say that the only question and the other questions that last year this seminar are meant to be interactive we’d like to have this be as interactive as possible I so if there are any questions please do use that you a thank you and